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Wie teilt die Dirndlträgerin dem Lederhosenträger mit, ob sie einem Flirt zugeneigt ist oder lieber unter sich bleiben mag? Ist die Frau im Dirndl überhaupt zu haben? Oder ist sie bereits vergeben, verlobt oder verheiratet? Simon checkt die Madl auf der Wiesn ab.


Trägt die Frau die Dirndl Schleife rechts, ist die vergeben oder verheiratet.


Trägt die Frau die Dirndl Schleife links, hat der Mann noch Chancen bei ihr.


Trägt die Frau die Dirndl Schleife in der Mitte, dann ist die Frau noch Jungfrau.


Trägt die Frau die Dirndl Schleife hinten in der Mitte, dann ist sie verwitwet.


Bevor ihr euch den lustigen Wiesn-Clip zu der Dirndl Schleife anschaut, hättet ihr das alles gewusst?



Single or not single? - The secrets of the Dirndl ribbon

The ribbon of a Dirndl is more than just an accessory. It is an essential part of traditional Bavarian Customs that can be experienced at the Oktoberfest. It’s not only nice to look at, but in addition provides you with important information concerning the marital status of the girl or woman wearing the Dirndl. So if you want to keep clear of unnecessary trouble, make sure to check the ribbon before starting your first advances towards the chosen one.
To make complicated matters short: Yes it is possible to find true love at the Oktoberfest – Nevertheless not everybody is searching for love… There are people that merely are interested in a small flirt or friendship and that’s just as good.

So how are you expected to “read” the ribbon correctly? If the ribbon is tied on the left-hand side of the dress, the woman expresses that she is single and she may be open for a flirt. To the contrary, if the ribbon is worn on the right-hand side, you should be careful. A boyfriend, fiancé or husband might be just around the corner. This definitely calls for trouble.

In addition to these quite common ways of tying the ribbon, there are two more possibilities that transfer unique messages to someone who is able to read them. If the ribbon is worn in the middle of the front side of the dress a virgin is standing in front of you. Do you find the ribbon to be placed at the middle of the backside of the dress, the woman you’re addressing is either a widow – or a waitress.

However being able to interpret the meaning of the ribbon isn’t always the most certain way of gaining information. There are women that change the position of the ribbon from the right-hand to the left-hand side during the course of an evening. The most secure method of getting to know the marital status of a girl or woman still is getting to know her in a friendly and polite conversation.

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